blade care Academy and GWO Standards

When the blade care Academy started providing training to external clients no training standard for rotor blades was established in 2008.

The standard blade care Academy developed was based on the same demands blade care had set for educating their own technicians – based on many years of servicing rotor blades.

This blade care Academy Standard was later on adopted by other training providers.

In 2014 the blade care Academy got certified by the DNV-GL as specialised education facility for rotor blade and wind turbine technology.

In December 2019 the blade care Academy got certified according to the GWO Blade Repair Standard.

The GWO Blade Repair Standard corresponds to the blade care Academy Standard Basic Course of Rotor Blade Inspection and Repair.

Throughout the years blade care Academy has developed and extended their training standard.

More relevant topics of inspection technology and repair challenges and repair methods have been included.

Beside the 2 weeks of GWO Blade Repair Standard = blade care Academy Standard training we offer advanced training modules. For the additional modules clients can choose to take 3 or 4 week training in total. As minimum training we recommend the special package of 3 weeks training to be prepared for most common inspection and repair challenges.


We also offer special training in just Rotor Blade Inspection.

Also here the blade care Academy has developed the blade care Inspection Standard for Qualified Inspecting of Rotor Blades

The technicians learn all about inspection by rope access, drone and ground based camera.

Advanced inspection methods like thermography and ultrasonic non-destructive testing and other testing methods are explained.