blade care Service and blade care Academy

A Short History
Stepstones of the Academy
Lecturer Profiles


Since 2009

Technicians from all over the world and Europa
have been trained in basic and advanced repair techniques
in courses lasting 2 – 5 weeks
or attending 2-5 days seminars on rotor blade topics
- for details please see References -



Implementation of seminar topic
WTG Technology
Seminars on tower, nacelle, hub
all mechanical components
Lectured by Dipl.-Ing. Sven Thomas Wetzig



blade care Academy is now also certified for Mobile GWO BRT Training
GWO Blade Repair Training can now be provided worldwide



blade care Academy is certified according to new
GWO Blade Repair Standard



The Academy moves to new location with more space
for seminar room, workshop, and outdoor training facility



blade care Academy is certified by DNV-GL
as specialized Education Provider for
Rotor Blade and Wind Turbine Technology



blade care Academy Training Center opened doors
for educating all people from outside the company



First training of a client on rotor blade inspection and repair topics.
Training was conducted for Han Jin on location in South Korea



blade care GmbH was founded
as specialised service provider for rotor blades
providing inspection, assessment, repairs and consulting service



Investigation in ultrasonic testing method
on rotor blades
- in situ through rope access -



Hans-Peter Zimmer is part owner of the largest turbine at the time
the 275 KW Südwind – the prototype



Hans-Peter Zimmer is in contact with windmills
when he was a student at the University of Aachen

Dipl.-Ing. Sven Thomas Wetzig

Academic studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences HTWK Leipzig, Germany

After his studies he worked for several companies as project manager in the office and service engineer in the field. He worked for Nordex, DeWind, SUZLON and IDASWIND.

Mr. Wetzig became co-founder of the wind turbine design company TEMBRA in Berlin.

At the time TEMBRA designed wind turbines of 100 kW to 3.0 MW for Han Jin, South Korea, and for SUZLON, India, and for SCHULER and PROKON, Germany and for Baoding Tianwei, China.

He also was supervising on tasks like inspections on new turbines before commissioning/ end of warranty inspections/ damage root cause investigations on a wide range of WTGs around the world - onshore and offshore. He also old lectures at various organizations and institutes.

Mr. Wetzig carried out root cause analysis projects in co-operation with blade care GmbH with combined focus on rotor blade and machinery break downs.

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Peter Zimmer

Academic studies in aeronautics, space technology & aircraft construction at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen, Germany

Owner and director of the enterprise blade care GmbH, a service provider for rotor blades and wind turbine technology with more than 30 years of experience. Training director of the blade care Academy.

Since 2001 efforts in research & development of non-destructive testing methods on rotor blades and concrete foundation of wind turbines. The engineering office “concrete care” was founded in 2007. Research on concrete testing methods have been provided for ENERCON and VESTAS.

Provision of consultancy service to operators, owners, and consulting firms

Performing forensic assessments on any kind wind turbine and blade disasters and editing court case relevant reports.